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Becky McDaniel Knight - "Very professional"
Had our air ducts cleaned almost one and half weeks ago & I am AMAZED at the difference! Normally we’d dust only to turn around (literally) & find the dust had dropped right back down on the surfaces. Even using great microfiber cleaning products. Three or four days after dusting we wouldn’t even be able to tell we’d dusted. But not after Mr. B’s! We thoroughly cleaned the house the day before they cleaned the ducts & a week later there really isn’t any dust on the surfaces! It was also amazing the stuff they pulled out of our ducts. An entire box of construction staples! Probably there since the house was built 9 years ago! Imagine what is living in your ducts?? We have terrible sinus issues & I’m hoping this helps with that. Also the two gentleman were very professional. I highly recommend Mr. B’s!
Dwight Fisher - "The Air is co clean"
…the air is so clean after your two guys cleaned my ducts…Thanks very much for a job well done.
Jessica Renee Dean - "No interruption"
Clint and Taylor did an amazing job today! They came in professionally and worked thoroughly and quietly. My two year old and I were able to go about our day without any interruption. They left no mess and were very polite! So far very pleased! Thanks for the service!
Daniel Bell - "Left our house perfect, great service"
I wanted to follow up to let you know your guys did an amazing job. We’ve been rehabbing our house over the last six months, so we’ve seen some extremes of good and bad service. Your team was thorough in cleaning every inch of the duct work and left the house perfect when they left. We are surprised by how fresh the air is now …and little grossed-out by how bad it must have been before. Thanks for the great service!
Robert Elam - "Outstanding Job!"
There is a noticeable difference in the level of dust in our home. Everything is much, much better. Thank you for an outstanding job! Your men worked very hard from the moment they arrived until the moment they left. They were very nice to work with, very respectful, and very professional. As you know, I work at United Structural Systems as a project manager. Every day, I am in crawlspaces and every day I meet with homeowners. I will happily recommend your company to them. Thanks again,
Garry and Chrystal Templeton - "No more sinus"
The first of last month we had the air ducts cleaned. I was there and watched. They did a good job, plus cleaned the dryer vent. The vent was very clogged. The vent light on dryer had been on, but now does not come on. Seems to be drying better. I changed return filter that day. It was it’s usual dusty mess. I wish now I had taken a before picture, because I changed the filter yesterday and was dumbfounded! I had this house built 18 years ago and the filter has NEVER been that clean! I have bad sinus trouble (3 surgeries from a wreck) and I breath better at night. We have three small dogs in house with laminate floors and you can see the improvement. All I can say is Thank You and Wow… I never would have believed it if I had not seen it for myself. Thank you again. Garry and Chrystal Templeton
Jan VandeBunt - "They were great!"
THEY WERE GREAT! I hope we see those two again. We are really enjoying being clean for the first time since 1995 when we moved here. Thank you so very much.
Mildred - "Wonderful crew"
Oh, what a wonderful crew that you sent to my house to clean out my dirty, dirty air ducts! They were courteous and warm but professional — all at the same time. How refreshing!! As I told you when we last spoke over the phone, I was concerned as to how this work was to be done. How was the dirt not going to get in to the rest of my house while getting it out of the air ducts? Well, no worry — all dirt was contained in the equipment being used. The air ducts had not been cleaned in 14 years –since the house was built in 2000. So, of course the construction dirt and materials were still in the air ducts. NO PROBLEM — it’s gone now. Thanks so very much for having a great business and great people to work for you.
Amy - "Fabulous job"
Loved your team- they did a fabulous job! They even found a diaper in the ducts!
Thomas and Jacqulyn Downey - "Professional and friendly"
We wanted to make you aware of how pleased we are with the work that Marco and Clint performed on cleaning our vents. They were very professional and friendly. They took time to answer all our questions. They left everything spotless. Too many times we have time to criticize, but do not take the time to compliment when others go out of their way to help us and treat us with respect. We will be honored to recommended your company to others. Give our regards to Marco and Clint and let them know we appreciate a job well done!!
Becki Bates, Centerville, TN - "Highly recommended"
Thank you so much for our fresh air! We had stale air problems when we moved into the home this past August, and we thought it was due to mold issues that occourred over the summer. We had a contractor pull out our basement carpet, bleach walls, etc. But as soon as we started using our heat for the winter, the smell was back and stronger. As an enviromental scientist with air quality training, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t figure out the source of the smell. I thought if we just finished the basement, the problem would go away. Your crew worked wonders. Not only did they efficiently and effectively clean out our air duct system, they figured out the source of the smell was an open pipe next to our air unit and sealed the pipe for me. Things our home inspector should have caught before we bought the house! I work from home, and this is the first time I’ve not noticed any odor! I think even our dog is happy about it too! I will be highly recommending you around our town!
Bruce and Tami Forbes, Nashville, TN - "Excellent customer service"
In this day and time of almost non-existent customer service i have to highly commend you and your staff! We were called ahead like we were told we would be, the duct cleaning was performed beyond our expectations, your employees were extremely polite and professional and I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for air duct service. As a local business owner – we always try to trade with independent business owners when possible and we are very glad we chose you to provide our service needs. Thank you again for a job well done!


Jim and Murna Holder - "Thank you"
We have seen your ads about air duct cleaning for a long time and finally got around to having your company provide this service for us. Robby and Billy were very professional as they explained the process and went about their job. We are pleased and feel that the quality in our home is much improved. We thank you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MR. B’s.
Barbra Calabrese - "Exemplary"
I am writing to tell you of our experience with your company. I believe it is important to give credit where it’s due so I would like to tell you that the performance and courtesy I experienced this morning by your crew was exemplary. Not only did they arrive when they were scheduled, the gentlemen who represent you were efficient, careful to keep my home clean during the procedure, covering their shoes before walking into my home, and extremely adept in their profession. I commend you in your judgement when hiring these young men. Thank you for a refressing experience. I know you will be hearing from my neighbors to service their homes as well.
Ann Jones, Columbia, TN - "Above and beyond"
Dear “Mr. B,” Billy and Ken arrived this morning to clean the duct work in my house. I had an idea as to the job that was before them. I do not think they did! I must say these gentlemen went “above and beyond” the call of duty to get the job done. They were very respectful and courteous despite the “dirty job” that awaited them. Please know that if you ever need at “testimonial” do not hesitate to call me.
Nancy Roden, Hendersonville, TN - "I highly recommend"
Mr. B (Warren) I have been meaning to write you since our air ducts were cleaned. I know that you expressed concern over the fact that our ceilings were finished even in the garage and we could not physically look into the lines. However, I could not be more pleased – the amount of dust in our home is almost non-existent! I noticed this the actual day the guys cleaned and it has only continued to improve. Both of our teenagers are not using their asthma inhalers while at home and I rarely have to dust. For a Mom who is cleaning fanatic, this is incredible! I would highly recommend you to everyone and please feel free to give me as a reference. However, I seriously doubt your excellent service needs refrences. Again, thanks for the excellent job!
Dr. Paul Alberny, Murfressboro, TN - "Very impressed"
My home smelled a lot cleaner, your staff did a great job and I was impressed with their work and would recommend them to my friends and family.
Mrs. Vicky Shell, Franklin, TN - "Very professional"
Very impressed with the work that was done and your staff was very professional.
Mr. Troy Collins, Brentwood, TN - "Sensitive allergies"
Mr. B’s has done a couple of things in my home. Some of my family members have severely sensitive allergies. After extensive amounts of research, the method of air duct cleaning used by Mr. B’s was what we decided to go with. When we described our situation to the company, Warren Barley himself (the owner), came to our home to determine if what his company did was right for our needs. When it was determined that we did, in fact, need his service, the crew showed up a couple of days later as scheduled, and they were polite, thorough, on-time and extremely respectful of our home while doing their work. Mr. B’s provided our home with a clean air environment that produced immediate improvement in our allergies and did so at a very reasonable and fair price. If people knew about them what i know now, all of Mr. B’s competitors would be out of business.
Dwight N. Davis, Sr. - "Worked very hard"
Thank you for sending 2 very professional people to complete my work. I haven’t had time to see if I have a difference yet, but I’m excited to have it done and to see the difference. Sorry I had to make them wait on me, but they showed up a little early and I wasn’t through with my meeting in order to return home early. Both men were very pleasant and seemed to be working very hard. Again, Thanks, dd
Angie's List - "Congratulations"
Congratulations on achieving an outstanding accomplishment! Your company has received at least 2 A-rated reports from Angie’s List members in the past 60 days. Because Angie’s List takes pride in recognizing outstanding work.
Cathy Cross - "Great customer service"
Just a quick note to thank you for such great customer service. The guys came out early because of a cancellation and did a great job! I will definitely be recommending your company to others!
Angel Flesher, happy customer - "Great job!"
Good Afternoon Sir,

Just wanted to say Thank you for the Wonderful Efficient Service I received today. They did a great job. They were friendly. I am THRILLED about having my dryer vent cleared out. It is hard to find good service these days. I appreciate it.

Rachel Towns, Hendersonville, TN - "WOW"

I had this overwhelming urge to email you and tell you just how INCREDIBLY SATISFIED I was with the cleaning service done to our home on Monday, September 17th. Michael and Brad were amazing! Let me run down from beginning to end why I was so pleased. First, it was a nasty morning….rain, traffic, yuck! Brad called me and let me know that they were running a little behind because of the weather but that their GPS said they would be at my home around 9:25. They arrived right on time. Most places would have just showed up late and never called. Both of them immediately introduced themselves and were extremely polite. I showed them through my basement, they let me lead the way showing them where everything was. Once we got done looking at the ducts downstairs, I took Michael upstairs to show him where all the vents in each room were. I was halfway down the house when I realized he wasn’t behind me and he said, I apologize, I had to cover my shoes. I realized then that he had put on the booties over his shoes. This to me, was the most important thing because I have an 11 month old son (who was at daycare) however he is a crawling fool and keeping my floors clean is a huge priority. When he went downstairs he took the booties off and when he and Brad came upstairs they always put them on. Each time they entered a room that I was in, they let me know that they were coming in, they were efficient and seemed to work very well as a team. They continued to communicate what they were doing with me throughout the entire two hours they were there. They cleaned up around each vent before they left. My husband said he would have never known anyone was there because it was so tidy after they left. I was incredibly amused to find out from them after looking in the vacuum that I had a jar and a golfball in my vents!! The dust was out of this world and there were dozens of cigarette butts and candy wrappers! Michael showed me the filter and just how much dust we were breathing. I was shocked. It really showed me how important it is to keep our home dust-free. Especially with myself and child having asthma and severe allergies….my husband can already tell a difference because he hasn’t coughed ONCE since Monday and before he was having coughing spells in the middle of the night. I have already recommended your company to numerous people as well as posted how amazing the customer service was on my Facebook page. I work in the apartment industry and customer service is incredibly important this day and age and you don’t always see it everywhere, unfortunately. I appreciate so much the hard work and ethics that you have instilled into your company and 5-7 years from now when I need a vent cleaning done again, I can guarantee that I will be using your company. Thank you so much for providing such quality and great service! (Michael and Brad deserve a bonus!  ) Have a great day!



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