Dickson, Tennessee, offers a blend of small-town charm and historical significance. Located about 40 miles west of Nashville, Dickson serves as the county seat of Dickson County and has a population of roughly 16,000.


Dickson, Tennessee, was named after William Dickson, a prominent physician and U.S. Congressman during the early 1800s when the county was formed. The city started as a stop along the railroad connecting Nashville and the Tennessee River. During the Civil War, it was known as “Mile 42 Post” by Union troops who had secured the supply line in the area. Dickson played a role in early iron manufacturing along with Montgomery Bell, a Tennessee industrialist who purchased a major furnace in the region.

Things To Do

Dickson, Tennessee, has a mix of things to offer depending on your interests. Delve into the past at the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum, housed in a beautifully restored railroad hotel, or learn about iron industry history at the Cumberland Furnace. Enjoy the great outdoors at Montgomery Bell State Park with its hiking trails, lake activities, and a championship golf course. Discover charming boutiques and eateries along Main Street in Dickson’s historic downtown, and keep an eye out for seasonal events and festivals that showcase the town’s friendly community spirit.

Quick Facts

Founded in 1803 and named after prominent statesman William Dickson, the town boasts a rich history. Known for its involvement in the iron industry and Civil War significance, Dickson offers a mix of small-town atmosphere and access to modern amenities. The city is believed to have been called either Sneedsville or Smeedsville before it was named Dickson, but the reports are conflicting. 

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