Located conveniently southeast of Nashville, Smyrna, Tennessee, is a dynamic town full of history and modern-day energy. Once a small agricultural community, Smyrna has exploded in recent years, now recognized as the most populous town in the state of Tennessee.


Smyrna, Tennessee traces its roots back to the early 1800s, a growing agrarian community with large farms and plantations. It played a role in the Civil War, with its railroad station connecting Nashville and Chattanooga. The town is notable for the heroism of Confederate soldier Sam Davis, who gave his life rather than betray information to the Union Army. His plantation serves as a major historical site. After facing years of population decline, Smyrna benefited from major developments in the mid-20th century, such as the opening of the Sewart Air Force Base in 1941 and the arrival of the Nissan assembly plant in 1983, spurring renewed growth and transforming it into a thriving town.

Things To Do

Smyrna, Tennessee offers a surprising range of activities for families, outdoor lovers, and history enthusiasts. Dive into the life of Sam Davis, a young Confederate hero, at the Sam Davis Home and Plantation. Enjoy nature trails and water recreation at the Percy Priest Lake area. Take the little ones to Gregory Mill Park for playground fun or embark on an old-fashioned adventure at the nostalgic Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center. Explore Smyrna’s diverse flavors, and be sure to check out community gatherings like the popular Smyrna Depot Days festival for family-friendly entertainment.

Quick Facts

Smyrna, Tennessee holds the distinction of being the most populous town in the state, located in Rutherford County. Founded in the early 1800s, Smyrna served as an agricultural hub before undergoing significant transformation in the 20th century. Home to the Nissan Smyrna Assembly Plant, the town thrives as a manufacturing center. It offers residents convenient access to the amenities of Nashville while maintaining its own sense of community and identity.


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