Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Home!

Start Sanitizing

– Clean your shower with vinegar. – Scrub mildew with a dish brush. – Get rid of stains with baking soda. – Use dental floss for hard to reach spaces in your sink. – Deep clean your toilets often. – Use cotton balls or swabs to clean corners.


Keep Carpets Clean

– Blot stains, never rub. – Use club soda for those serious stains. – Clean pet stains immediately and organically. Deep clean regularly. – Use a butter knife to remove any food or items stuck in the carpet.


Don't Neglect Gutters

– Get some assistance. It's a two person job. – Set a routine schedule. – Invest in gutter guards. – Use a pressure washer to blast out debris. – Use a leaf blower or shop vac to rid gutters  of debris. Trim trees around roofline.


Love Your Landscape

– Keep your grass maintained year-round. – Trim trees and shrubs often to prevent overgrowth. – Spruce up curb appeal with fresh flower beds. – Fix any drainage issues to prevent bacterial growth in your lawn.


Pest Control Matters

– Seal any entry points such as cracks, vents  or holes. – Keep your kitchen clean of trash or old food. Move wood away from your house to prevent nests. – Store pet food in sealed containers. – Keep high moisture areas well ventilated.


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