A Letter From Milam Builders, LLC

Dear Mr. B's,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for a job well done.

I am a contractor and the air ducts you cleaned were at my home. A house I built and was very cautious in trying to keep clean all the HVAC ducts during construction. Once you get to the finishes you must maintain heat and air. That's when it gets difficult to keep out drywall dust and saw dust. I built the house in 2006. I saw your commercial several times and decided I wanted to know how well I was able to accomplish my mission. Well on Saturday my question was answered. The answer was not so great. I asked your workers if I could take pictures of the filters before the work and after. I was surprised with what I saw. I also watched very closely and actually visibly saw inside my duct when it was opened. It wasn't terrible but, yes there was drywall dust, sawdust, wood shavings, a candy bar rapper, loose insulation, metal shavings and cigarette butts. YUCK. All these things could have easily slipped into the air vents or returns. Do I think it was intentionally put there? NO. The drywall and sawdust were my major concerns. Every time my unit kicked on it was circulating this dusty material. I'm sure it was blowing this dust in the air all through my house.

Now as a home contractor I will be very diligent in making my clients more aware about this procedure and your companies excellent work on my own home. I can't make or force them to use you. But as a professional homebuilder I want my clients to be informed and as happy as I am.

Once again I want to thank you and your employees (Robby and Chris) for the excellent service. Saturday was a very cold and snowy day. Your men tried there best to minimize going in and out of my house. I watched them discuss the best way to enter and exit without carrying in the snow. Although they had to have hoses running to your van I watched them try and block door (air) as much as possible. They didn't just walk into my house. They had shoe booties and used them when they could.

I am a contractor I notice when someone is trying.

You always get calls, letters and emails when there is a problem. You usually don't get calls, letters and emails when all is good. People don't take the time. I know, I'm a contractor.

So thanks for a job well done!!!!

James T. Shelpman
Milam Builders, LLC